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In the Brandenburg Gate  

The Room of Silence is not dedicated to any ideology or any religion – every one may enter without fear of thus relating to any interests, programmes or institutions. This does not contradict the fact that the sponsors and wardens who look after the room on a voluntary basis spring largely from religious communities. All these persons of different religious and ideological backgrounds have a common goal in creating a place in the middle of Berlin where one can meet in silence, leaving aside one’s differences.

The room's Decoration reflects its non-denominational character, avoiding any religious, ideological or political symbolism, it is neutral and simple. Its only adornment is a woven wall hanging, which the Hungarian artist Ritta Hager made for this room, abstractly symbolising light penetrating darkness. Paul Corazolla, Berlin, designed the blue wall in the vestibule, this verbal reference to the Room of Silence equals the figurative invitation to silence by the relief which P. Franz Prentke, Berlin, created. Our desire to promote peace finds voice in a poster containing the word "peace" in several languages and in a collage "Tolerance" made by pupils of a Berlin school.